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[802SEC] FW: Proposed sixth terrestrial radio interface for IMT-2000 in Rec. ITU-R M.1457

Dear EC members,
Attached is the ITU-R Circular Letter announcing the submission of a sixth IMT-2000 terrestrial radio interface to be included in Recommendation ITU-R M.1457. At our November meeting the EC approved the document that began this work. That document, Doc. 8F/1065-E, was included in my email sent yesterday regarding a liaison from, and the need to develop a response to, ITU-R WP8F. This Circular Letter provides a summary of the process for the evaluation of IP-OFDMA and a link to the ITU-R web site relating to the work.
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Subject: Proposed sixth terrestrial radio interface for IMT-2000 in Rec. ITU-R M.1457


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Subject: Proposed sixth terrestrial radio interface for IMT-2000 in Rec. ITU-R M.1457


Dear Sir,


At the last meeting of ITU-R Working Party 8F (January 17-25, 2007) , the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, (IEEE), in conjunction with the WiMAX Forum, submitted a proposed new IMT-2000 terrestrial radio interface intended for inclusion in Recommendation ITU-R M.1457.


The consideration of this proposal has commenced within Working Party 8F. It should be noted that participation in the process is not restricted solely to ITU members - relevant organizations external to the ITU are also invited to participate by establishing Evaluation Groups and performing assessment and evaluations as delineated in Circular Letter 8/LCCE/95. 


In particular WP 8F noted it was desirable to notify the Administrations of the Member States and the Sector and Associate members of the ITU-R participating in the work of Radiocommunication Study Group 8 of the submission and of relevant aspects related to the process.   Additionally, WP 8F specifically noted the need to inform "other organizations" under the auspices of Resolution ITU-R 9-2 of this matter and to invite their participation in the context of Circular Letter 8/LCCE/95.   


Further details about the evaluation process and the establishment of Evaluation Groups may be found in the attached Circular Letter 8/LCCE/153, and an associated web site at .


Your attention is kindly directed to certain key dates in Circular Letter 8/LCCE/153, particularly with regard to notifications to the ITU-R on evaluation groups and to document submission deadlines.

Yours sincerely,

Colin Langtry
Counsellor, Study Group 8
Radiocommunication Bureau

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