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Re: [802SEC] [WGCS:] Rosters are Now Active in myProject

Jodi -

A few questions...

1. What is the expectation here - that individual WG Chairs have to 
fill in these lists for each active PAR? That (in the case of 802.1, 
and probably most other 802 WGs) would be a particularly onerous 
requirement, especially as I (and almost certainly the other 802 WG 
Chairs also) don't currently record membership on a per-project basis.

2. What distinction does the list draw between "participant", 
"non-voting member" and "voting member"? In 802, the only distinction 
we draw is between "(voting) member" and "observer".

3. In the case of 802.1, the roster list already appears to be 
populated, with some names that I recognize and many others that I 
don't. What is the origin of that list? What do I do about names that 
are missing from that list or for whom "none of the above" would be 
the right box to check? How do we delete irrelevant names?

4. What are we expected to enter into the table?

- Those that are voting members/participants/whatever right now 
(i.e., a snapshot as at 2/2007)?
- Those that have been voting members/participants/whatever over the 
past 12 months?
- Something else?

Again, providing anything other than snapshot information may prove 
to be an onerous requirement.


At 14:26 14/02/2007, Jodi Haasz wrote:
>Standards development rosters that were previously submitting to the NesCom
>Administrator using a Microsoft Excel template can now be submitted and
>maintained in the myProject system.  This request is in accordance with the
>IEEE-SA Operations Manual, Clause 5.1.2i under Duties of the Sponsor which
>"Submit annually to the IEEE Standards Department an electronic roster of
>individuals participating on standards projects"
>In order to manage rosters in myProject, please do the following
>    Go to myProject -
>    Login using your IEEE Web Account username and password.
>    Once logged into myProject, go to "Manage Committees"
>    Drill down to the project by clicking the (+) on the left to expand each
>    level. The actual project will be highlighted in yellow
>    Click "Manage Committees" for that project. A list of individuals
>    enrolled in the Committee/Project will appear. On this screen you can
>    assign whether a person is a Participant, a Non-Voting Member or a
>    Voting Member of the project group. You may also view contact
>    information for that individual.
>Questions can be directed to me directly via email at
>Jodi Haasz
>Program Manager
>International Stds Programs and Governance
>Standards Activities
>Phone +1 732 562 6367
>FAX +1 732 875 0695

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