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Re: [802SEC] Fw: Request for new SCC - DySPAN - Computer Society response


	Can you elaborate on what you would like in terms of an update
on P1900?  Should I ask for information from those working groups on a
regular basis (before each plenary) or are you looking for me to report
when I hear something new and potentially relevant to us?


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From: ***** IEEE 802 Executive Committee List *****
[] On Behalf Of Paul Nikolich
Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2007 6:53 AM
Subject: [802SEC] Fw: Request for new SCC - DySPAN - Computer Society

Dear EC Members,

The below message was sent to the CS regarding the creation of the
DySPAN SCC.  As Chair of the Coexistence TAG, Steve Shellhammer will be
802's primary point of contact for any future developments regarding
this matter.  Steve--please be prepared to give the EC an update on this
activity at the opening EC meeting. 



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From: John Walz 
To: 'Rona Gertz' 
Sent: Tuesday, February 13, 2007 10:36 PM
Subject: RE: Request for new SCC - DySPAN - Computer Society response

Rona I. Gertz, Manager, IEEE-SA Governance 

The IEEE Computer Society responds to the 15 Nov 2006 SCC - DySPAN

1. Does your society have any objection to the creation of an SCC on
DySPAN?  If so, what objection and why?

No objection from Computer Society

2. Does your society support the creation of an SCC on DySPAN and will
it participate?

Yes on than the condition that the SCC scope of work does not conflict
with the work done in IEEE 802 (see attach IEEE 802 comments /

Computer Society will not participate on the SCC.

3. If your society wishes to participate in the SCC please identify a

No liaison from Computer Society

John Walz
IEEE-CS VP for Standards

From: Michael R. Williams [] 
Sent: Sunday, February 11, 2007 5:23 PM
To: Paul Nikolich
Cc: John Walz;;;;; Mills, Steve M (Standards); Steve
Subject: Re: Recommendation to Computer Society from IEEE 802

I will delegate any comments regarding the 802 matter to the VP of our
standards Activities Board John Walz.
I am sure if there is something that requires my input he will ask
before he makes a comment, but most matters can be dealt with my John

Many thanks for keeping us (John and I) informed.


Michael R. Williams, BSc, PhD, DSc

2007 President
IEEE - Computer Society

Professor Emeritus
Department of Computer Science
University of Calgary
Calgary, Alberta

Paul Nikolich wrote: 

  The attached comments from IEEE 802 LMSC were approved by the LMSC
Executive Committee by a vote of 14 approve, 2 disapprove, 0 did not
vote on 11February 2007.  Please ensure these comments are taken into
consideration prior to any committments from the CS regarding the DySPAN


  --Paul Nikolich 
  Chairman, IEEE 802 LMSC 

  Forwarded Message: 

   Subj: Request for new SCC 
   Date: 11/15/2006 3:18:46 P.M. Eastern Standard Time 
   From: r.gertz@IEEE.ORG 
   To: society-presidents06@IEEE.ORG 
   CC: s.vogel@IEEE.ORG, w.ash@IEEE.ORG 
   Sent from the Internet (Details) 


  Attached please find a request for the formation of a new Standards
Coordinating Committee of the IEEE-SA Standards Board. 

  Please forward any comments on this request by Tuesday, 13 February
2007, which is the end of the 90 day comment period. 

  Thank you, 
  Rona Gertz 
  Rona I. Gertz 
  Manager, IEEE-SA Governance 
  IEEE Standards Activities 
  +1 732 562 3808 (phone); +1 732 562 1571 (fax) 
  IEEE Standards web site: 
  (See attached file: Request_New_SCC.doc) 

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