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Re: [802SEC] [WGCS:] Update - Rosters are Now Active in myProject


I think where we are now is in a transition phase.  I believe during this year much of what currently appears chaotic is planned to become a bit more systematic as additional myProject capabilities roll out.  Per Paul's email, I personally plan to let his submission be it until more myProject capabilities and requirements are in place.  Smaller WGs can be the beta test for this part of myProject right now.

If I understand it correctly, myProject will be providing a consistent method for participants to provide a lot of information.  When myProject is fully implemented, I believe it will be possible to require all participants to have a web account (something that is free and does not require IEEE-SA membership).  

The myProject evolution will affect LMSC and its WGs to some extent.  I think some things we can choose to use and even still influence the details of implementation.  In other areas, requirements will probably be quite firm.  Some myProject "features" like acknowledgements related to copyrights, and Code of Ethics requirements will be firm and cause minor changes in some LMSC WG process/procedures.  

The requested list is related to another that I believe is firm.  The list's purpose is for indemnification of participants, and has existed in various forms for a long time.  Paul list is all participants to be indemnified.  What is in myProject currently is probably (as you deduce) just those with web identities (which is closely correlated to SA members with interest area subscription).  If indemnification is tied to having a web identity and subscribing to the interest areas (e.g., becoming a participant), then the need for Paul's list submission will go away.  If you don't follow the rules, you don't get indemnified.

There is an SASB ad hoc chartered to clarify the terminology you complain about (member, participant, observer, voting/non-voting, etc.)  Once that is done, those terms should be made consistent in IEEE-SA governing documents and myProject (allowing a trickle down to Sponsors and WGs).  I'm not sure how the names will sort out, but for example, participants could include participation by correspondence (e.g., reflector subscription), non-voting members are those that attend meetings, voting members are those that meet additional requirements (e.g., for LMSC: meet minimum attendance requirements, ballot participation, declaration of affiliation, valid contact information and request membership).

--Bob Grow

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Jodi -

If I correctly read between the lines of your 
message below, the set of names that currently 
appears in the system for 802 Working Groups is 
basically those *IEEE-SA members* that have web 
accounts and that have expressed an interest in 
802 (presumably by enrolling in the various 
balloting groups? your message is not clear on 
that point). As there are many 802 participants 
and voters that are not, and never will be, 
IEEE-SA members, I don't see that this mechanism 
will be of any use as a means of managing 802 
membership rosters, as there will be no means of 
entering data against non-SA member participants. 
My guess in the case of 802.1 (and probably the 
other 802 WGs as well) is that SA members are in 
the minority of 802 participants.


At 19:33 15/02/2007, you wrote:

>I have received numerous questions on how to manage the standards
>development rosters in myProject.  More information is below:
>Currently, access to the roster tool in myProject is limited to the
>sponsor, working group chair and ballot designee of a standards development
>Names cannot be added to the roster, neither directly into the system nor
>by uploading a .csv file by the person who has access.  If someone should
>be added to the roster, that person needs to log in to myProject and
>indicate an interest in that project.  If your group would like to use this
>tool, I would suggest sending the following text to your
>"Our group will now be managing our standards development rosters in the
>myProject system.  In order for your name to appear on the roster, please
>log in to myProject ( and go
>to Select Activity Profile.  In order for you to appear on the standards
>development roster, you must enroll at the project level."
>Once people enroll, their name will be added to the roster and the person
>managing the roster can mark people as a Participant, Non-Voting Member or
>Voting Member as needed.
>The definitions of these categories are defined in the myProject system as
>- Participant ­ Identifies an individual that has met the particiipation
>requirements, in-person or via email or otherwise, of a committee per the
>committee’s rules as opposed to having simply indicated their interest by
>selecting one of the myProject technical areas.  Participants are, by
>definition, also Interested Parties.
>- Non-Voting-Member ­ Identifies an individual that has met the commiittee’s
>non-voting-membership requirements per the committee’s rules as opposed to
>having simply indicated their interest by selecting one of the myProject
>technical areas. Non-Voting-Members are, by definition, Interested Parties
>- Voting-Member ­ . Identifies an individuaal that has met the committee’s
>voting requirements per the committee’s rules as opposed to having simply
>indicated their interest by selecting one of the myProject technical areas.
>Voting-Members are, by definition, Interested Parties.
>The use of this tool has not been mandated ­ the tool is available to make
>managing the standdards development rosters easier.  You can still submit
>standards development rosters outside of the system, and we would suggest
>using the Excel template attached.
>Any questions can be sent to me directly.
>(See attached file: roster.xls)
>Jodi Haasz
>Program Manager
>International Stds Programs and Governance
>Standards Activities
>Phone +1 732 562 6367
>FAX +1 732 875 0695

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This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector.  This list is maintained by Listserv.