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Re: [802SEC] [WGCS:] Update - Rosters are Now Active in myProject

Bob -

Thanks - that helps a lot... I guess its just 
unfortunate that staff chose to make the 
announcement without any clarification  of what is actually going on here.


At 00:35 16/02/2007, Grow, Bob wrote:
>I think where we are now is in a transition 
>phase.  I believe during this year much of what 
>currently appears chaotic is planned to become a 
>bit more systematic as additional myProject 
>capabilities roll out.  Per Paul's email, I 
>personally plan to let his submission be it 
>until more myProject capabilities and 
>requirements are in place.  Smaller WGs can be 
>the beta test for this part of myProject right now.
>If I understand it correctly, myProject will be 
>providing a consistent method for participants 
>to provide a lot of information.  When myProject 
>is fully implemented, I believe it will be 
>possible to require all participants to have a 
>web account (something that is free and does not require IEEE-SA membership).
>The myProject evolution will affect LMSC and its 
>WGs to some extent.  I think some things we can 
>choose to use and even still influence the 
>details of implementation.  In other areas, 
>requirements will probably be quite firm.  Some 
>myProject "features" like acknowledgements 
>related to copyrights, and Code of Ethics 
>requirements will be firm and cause minor 
>changes in some LMSC WG process/procedures.
>The requested list is related to another that I 
>believe is firm.  The list's purpose is for 
>indemnification of participants, and has existed 
>in various forms for a long time.  Paul list is 
>all participants to be indemnified.  What is in 
>myProject currently is probably (as you deduce) 
>just those with web identities (which is closely 
>correlated to SA members with interest area 
>subscription).  If indemnification is tied to 
>having a web identity and subscribing to the 
>interest areas (e.g., becoming a participant), 
>then the need for Paul's list submission will go 
>away.  If you don't follow the rules, you don't get indemnified.
>There is an SASB ad hoc chartered to clarify the 
>terminology you complain about (member, 
>participant, observer, voting/non-voting, 
>etc.)  Once that is done, those terms should be 
>made consistent in IEEE-SA governing documents 
>and myProject (allowing a trickle down to 
>Sponsors and WGs).  I'm not sure how the names 
>will sort out, but for example, participants 
>could include participation by correspondence 
>(e.g., reflector subscription), non-voting 
>members are those that attend meetings, voting 
>members are those that meet additional 
>requirements (e.g., for LMSC: meet minimum 
>attendance requirements, ballot participation, 
>declaration of affiliation, valid contact information and request membership).
>--Bob Grow
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>Sent: Thursday, February 15, 2007 3:34 PM
>Subject: Re: [802SEC] [WGCS:] Update - Rosters are Now Active in myProject
>Jodi -
>If I correctly read between the lines of your
>message below, the set of names that currently
>appears in the system for 802 Working Groups is
>basically those *IEEE-SA members* that have web
>accounts and that have expressed an interest in
>802 (presumably by enrolling in the various
>balloting groups? your message is not clear on
>that point). As there are many 802 participants
>and voters that are not, and never will be,
>IEEE-SA members, I don't see that this mechanism
>will be of any use as a means of managing 802
>membership rosters, as there will be no means of
>entering data against non-SA member participants.
>My guess in the case of 802.1 (and probably the
>other 802 WGs as well) is that SA members are in
>the minority of 802 participants.
>At 19:33 15/02/2007, you wrote:
> >I have received numerous questions on how to manage the standards
> >development rosters in myProject.  More information is below:
> >
> >Currently, access to the roster tool in myProject is limited to the
> >sponsor, working group chair and ballot designee of a standards development
> >project.
> >
> >Names cannot be added to the roster, neither directly into the system nor
> >by uploading a .csv file by the person who has access.  If someone should
> >be added to the roster, that person needs to log in to myProject and
> >indicate an interest in that project.  If your group would like to use this
> >tool, I would suggest sending the following text to your
> >participants/members:
> >
> >"Our group will now be managing our standards development rosters in the
> >myProject system.  In order for your name to appear on the roster, please
> >log in to myProject ( and go
> >to Select Activity Profile.  In order for you to appear on the standards
> >development roster, you must enroll at the project level."
> >
> >Once people enroll, their name will be added to the roster and the person
> >managing the roster can mark people as a Participant, Non-Voting Member or
> >Voting Member as needed.
> >
> >The definitions of these categories are defined in the myProject system as
> >follows:
> >
> >- Participant ­ Identifies an individual that has met the particiipation
> >requirements, in-person or via email or otherwise, of a committee per the
> >committeeâs rules as opposed to having 
> simply indindicated their interest by
> >selecting one of the myProject technical areas.  Participants are, by
> >definition, also Interested Parties.
> >
> >- Non-Voting-Member ­ Identifies an 
> individual that has met the commiitteeâs
> >non-voting-membership requirements per the 
> committeeâ℄s rules as opposed to
> >having simply indicated their interest by selecting one of the myProject
> >technical areas. Non-Voting-Members are, by definition, Interested Parties
> >
> >- Voting-Member ­ . Identifies an individuaal 
> that has met the committeeâs
> >voting requirements per the committeeâs 
> rules as as opposed to having simply
> >indicated their interest by selecting one of the myProject technical areas.
> >Voting-Members are, by definition, Interested Parties.
> >
> >The use of this tool has not been mandated ­ the tool is available to make
> >managing the standdards development rosters easier.  You can still submit
> >standards development rosters outside of the system, and we would suggest
> >using the Excel template attached.
> >
> >Any questions can be sent to me directly.
> >
> >(See attached file: roster.xls)
> >
> >Jodi Haasz
> >Program Manager
> >International Stds Programs and Governance
> >Standards Activities
> >Phone +1 732 562 6367
> >FAX +1 732 875 0695
> >Email:
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>This email is sent from the 802 Executive 
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