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[802SEC] P802.11mb - Maintenance PAR

802EC Members,

Per the EC Opening Meeting on Monday this week, regarding notice for a
proposed maintenance PAR from 802.11. I enclose the P802.11mb PAR document
for your delectation.

The PAR was approved by the 802.11 WG at our January 2007 interim and the
decision was re-affirmed by the WG on Monday of this week in Orlando at our
opening plenary. Voting details of which will be shown on the proposed
motion on Friday.

With this email I formally request the 802 Recording Secretary to add this
item on the agenda for discussion and decision at this Friday's closing EC
meeting, if acceptable to the 802 Chair.


/ Stuart


Stuart J. Kerry 
Chair, IEEE 802.11 WLANs WG 

c/o: NXP Semiconductors,
1109 McKay Drive, M/S 48A SJ, 
San Jose, CA 95131-1706, 
United States of America. 
+1 (408) 474-7356 - Phone 
+1 (408) 474-5343 - Fax 
+1 (408) 348-3171 - Cell 

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