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[802SEC] ITU-T/IEEE Joint Workshop on Carrier-Class Ethernet


Below is a reminder for the upcoming joint ITU-T/IEEE workshop and
hosted interim meetings.

I would encourage all WG chairs to make their members aware of this

Glenn Parsons


ITU and the IEEE will hold a workshop on carrier-class Ethernet, 31 May
- 1 June.

Much work has been done in both organisations to progress Ethernet,
developed as an enterprise technology, into a carrier service. The event
will focus on opportunities for further collaboration.

Long-recognized as the ubiquitous LAN technology, Ethernet is now seeing
increased attention as a carrier-grade service. In part this is due to
the convenience of being able to simply provide end-to-end service, but
also carriers can realize savings both in terms of capital and
operational expenditure.

Ethernet services are becoming popular because they allow carriers to
offer considerably improved flexibility to customers through a much
simpler and lower cost interface. Ethernet allows users to specify
exactly how much bandwidth they want between the 10Mbit/s and 1Gbit/s
range currently offered. Further, Ethernet provides reduced operation
complexity and improved scalability for carriers. And as operators look
to NGN and the use of the Internet Protocol (IP), Ethernet is seen as
the best fit, especially given the rise of such services as IP VPNs,
VLANs and dedicated Internet access.

The event will start with an overview of the standards work from ITU-T
and IEEE and will then drill down into detail with sessions focusing on:
Ethernet based and Ethernet capable access networks; Ethernet network
transport; Ethernet Bridging architecture; Ethernet OAM and management;
Ethernet QoS, timing and synchronization. A closing session will bring
together reports from all of the session chairs in order to identify the
direction of future work.

For more information about the workshop, please go to

Also, IEEE 802.1, IEEE 802.3 and 802.17 will be holding their interim
meetings from 28th to 31st May 2007 in Geneva, hosted by ITU-T, directly
prior to the ITU-T/IEEE Joint Workshop.  Advance registration is
required to gain access to the meeting location.  To register for the
interim meetings, please go to

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