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[802SEC] July Plenary Session at Hyatt Regency - San Francisco

Colleagues,  I know we are all looking forward to our return to San
Francisco for our July 2007 Plenary.  It is always one of our most
favored venues and one that usually attracts record attendance for the
week because of the proximity to Silicon Valley.  However that creates a

As you may remember, we are already at the upper limit of what can
reasonably fit into the meeting spaces at the Hyatt Regency Embarcadero.
We would like to avoid having to displace one or more of our Working
Groups to an overflow property because it will not be close by (at least
8 long blocks away) and will not provide as good facilities as we have
the HR-SF.  We are once again being overlapped by the humongous SemiCon
convention in SF so all hotel and meeting space is scarce that week and
only available at premium High-Season prices.  

So we would like to ask our WG Chairs to warn their groups about the
anticipated meeting space shortage in SF during their interims, discuss
tactics, and try to pick a minimum configuration in terms of the number
of rooms that you must require for this venue.  If we are unable to find
a workable arrangement for this venue this time then we will look for a
replacement venue for our next scheduled session in July of 2009.  But
for now let's do our very best to adapt to the situation, and see if we
can't somehow prove that "Less is More" at least in San Francisco.

If the WG Chairs could please respond back to Dawn & I  with an
indication of the minimum number and sizes of rooms that they could live
with for the San Francisco session, we will do our utmost to ensure that
everyone has a workable configuration.  If it just can't be done with
the space available we will relocate one or more WGs, but we will do our
very best to make that the last resort because it's always WAY BETTER
when we are all together.  

So please give this some serious consideration and be good 802-citizens
in trying to find a way to make this work.  We know we don't want to
lose this favored venue, so let's see if we can find a plan that will
allow us to continue for years to come.  

We would like your response as soon as possible and you can send us an
update after your interim if things should change as a result.  

Thanx again for your help and support !!!    Let' Do It !!!       :-)   

Thanx,  Buzz
Dr. Everett O. (Buzz) Rigsbee
Boeing IT
PO Box 3707, M/S: 7M-FM
Seattle, WA  98124-2207
Ph: (425) 373-8960    Fx: (425) 865-7960
Cell: (425) 417-1022

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