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[802SEC] +++10 Day EC Email Ballot (Closes no later than 11 May 2007)+++Motion to approve Doc. 18-07-0026 PROPOSED AMENDMENTS TO [IMT.TECH]+++

Dear EC members,

During the March Plenary meeting it was decided that 802.18 would work
by conference call to develop an input on IMT Advanced requirements for
the May meeting of ITU-R WP8F. To that end there were six conference
calls held. The EC was provided summaries of each of those calls.

On 30 April 802.18 met by conference call to vote on the final document.
The pool of eligible voters included the chairs of the participating
WGs, and a quorum was present. A roll call vote was conducted and the
document, 18-07-0026, was approved. The tally was 12/0/0.

This document is not meant to be the only input from IEEE 802 regarding
IMT Advanced. It may be that there will be additional inputs to ITU-R
WP8F on this topic and others.

This input proposes changes to an existing ITU-R WP8F document. The
normal format for submitting a document such as this to ITU-R is with
the changes tracked. We realized that this can make review of the
document more complicated. What 802.18 has done is to provide the EC
with two versions of Doc. 18-07-0026; one with change bars and one
without. Both are available at, in the March 2007
meeting documents folder.

As was agreed when this process was started there will be parallel
ballots in the EC and in the WGs that participated. The 30 April meeting
directed me to present 18-07-0026 to the EC for approval.

Motion: Moved by Mike Lynch, seconded by Roger Marks

To approve document 18-07-0026-00-0000 PROPOSED AMENDMENTS TO [IMT.TECH]
as an 802 document, authorizing the chair of 802.18 to do necessary
editorial and formatting changes and, using the document as a
"template", create the appropriate input to ITU-R WP8F.

Informative: This document provides ITU-R WP8F with the views of IEEE
802 on the topic of IMT Advanced requirements.

This ballot opens at midnight CDT Tuesday 1 May and closes at midnight
CDT Saturday 12 May 2007.



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