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[802SEC] FW: [New-work] OMA New Work - 1 New Work Item Approved - MobileAdvertising

You working group members may be interested in the following
announcement from the IETF


From: Victoria Gray [] 
Sent: Thursday, July 05, 2007 5:24 AM
Subject: FW: [New-work] OMA New Work - 1 New Work Item Approved -

Dear All,

OMA would like to inform all the organisations subscribed to the IETF
new-work list of the approval of 1 new work item:

1 Mobile Adevertising WI:

This Work Item will provide some standardized technologies in the
following areas:

*         Personalization of the Advertisements: one of the key
performance indicators for the Mobile Advertising services is the degree
of the advertisement's personalization. The more targeted the
advertisements are to a particular user, the more acceptance will be
achivied. This work item will specify technologies to facilitate
personalized targeting of Mobile Advertisements. Some already identified
foundations to enable personalization of advertisements include:

-          Advertising metadata, its description and its usage.

-          Enhancement of user profiles with advertising preferences and
its usage.

-          Advertising formats in order to obtain a good user experience
and interoperability.

*         Interactivity of Advertisements: when the first advertising
services started using new technologies for delivery of advertisements
(i.e. Internet), different pricing models have been defined. The first
innovative one was the CPC (Cost per Click), in which the cost of the
advertisement for a brand depends on the number of times the user clicks
to an ad (e.g. goes to the brand site). While this model is still valid
for Mobile Advertisement, new model models have continued to emerge. For
example, CPA (Cost per Action) improves on CPC model in the way that the
advertiser only pays depending of the user interaction with the
advertisement. For example, if the user buys the advertised products
through the advertisement. CPView (Cost perView) also supports pay based
on user interaction, by allowing a user to skip a commercial rolled out
after a video was watched. This Work Item will specify technologies to
enable this type of use case and models. An already identified
foundation for interactivity is:

-             How can a resource be subscribed to some events and how
these events can be notified (i.e. interaction of the user with an

*         Technology to Facilitate Advertising Metrics: One of the most
important parts of an advertising campaign is the metering of the
advertisement's impact and user behaviour. Using these metrics, the
advertisers are able to verify the extent to which an advertisement has
been delivered to the desired target audiences.  Audience reach and
frequency of exposure are among the commonly used metrics. Collecting
data related to mobile advertisements reach and reaction to them, and
correlating such data across large groups/audiences, can provide
additional feedback to the Mobile Advertisement value chain. The service
providers may offer a better service and additional revenue, or may
consider charging for a certified statistics report, or use them as a
tool to attract more advertisers. This work item will specify
technologies to technically enable and facilitate:

-             Reporting of  the needed advertising metrics.

-             Recording and collection of these metrics.

-             Group/audience statistics handling.

This work item has been allocated to the OMA REQ (Requirements) WG for
requirements development.

Best regards,

Victoria Gray on behalf of OMA.

Victoria Gray
FORApolis / DSO
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