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Re: [802SEC] IEEE 802 Emergency Services Ad Hoc Agenda


I agree with Tony about the bad timing.

I'm also confused and concerned about a few issues related to this
meeting.  I will not forward to my WG until some concerns are addressed
about the meeting:

1.  Who chartered it?  The presentation lists it as an IEEE 802 ad hoc,
which would imply that either you or the EC chartered this meeting; yet
the presentation provided is an 802.11 document.  

2.  The presentation cites SA governing documents and the LMSC P&P on
slide two, yet the LMSC P&P are silent about ad hoc meetings.  I would
think though to be called an IEEE 802 ad hoc it should have been
chartered by the EC.  Paul, your message doesn't even suggest that you
chartered the ad hoc as LMSC Chair.

2.  What is its objective?  I can only speculate based on the
presentation.  The abstract is worthless, the presentation objectives
are questions not objectives (i.e., a statement of the meetings
purpose).  The agenda item "Discussion" proposes a discussion question
about "this" without any definition of what "this" is (emergency
services does not seem to fit well as the assumed antecedent).

3.  Why wasn't this topic raised through the 802 Architecture Committee?
Emergency services was one of the items on its issues list, and the 802
Architecture Committee has been waiting for someone to show enough
interest in any of the issues on that list to resume meeting.

4.  At this point what it appears to me to be is an attempt to hold an
EC Study Group meeting without EC approval.

Based on the meetings serious lack of procedural basis, insufficient
information and obfuscation of the real meeting objective, I formally
object to this meeting being called an 802 meeting, and recommend that
the interested parties work with the 802 Architecture Committee Chair to
get an Architecture Committee meeting called to discuss the topic.  It
is now too late for the Architecture Committee to meet Sunday afternoon
as we did previously.  I would not have trouble holding the meeting in
an open tutorial slot as Tony suggested, though I would though have to
go back and look at the chartering motion for the Architecture Committee
to determine if any EC action was required to allow a meeting to go
forward as an Architecture Committee meeting.


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Paul -

The timing is not good - there are WGs (802.1, 802.3, ...) that have 
their closing plenaries Thursday afternoon, and I am already getting 
requests to move to a different time. It would be better to locate 
this in an empty Tutorial slot. I would have copied this to Steve, 
but I don't know his email address - can you forward it to him please?


At 00:43 08/07/2007, Paul Nikolich wrote:
>IEEE 802 Emergency Services Ad Hoc AgendaDear EC members,
>Stephen McCann requested I distribute the attached presentation on 
>emergency services to the EC reflector and would like to encourage 
>representation from at least one member from your group at the 
>ad-hoc meeting he will be chairing during the July plenary 
>session.  Please solicit interest in this activity from your group 
>members and provide feedback directly to Stephen.
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>From: McCann, Stephen
>Sent: Tuesday, June 26, 2007 4:15 AM
>Subject: IEEE 802 Emergency Services Ad Hoc Agenda
>         Please may I ask you a favour.
>Since the main presenters appear to be happy with this agenda, 
>please could you distribute it to the ExCom
>mailing list for me, and encourage all WG chairs to forward it to 
>their groups, so that everyone is aware
>that it is happening.
>I currently have been allocated the Marina room, which I think holds 
>50 people. Meeting Thursday 19th
>July 14:00 - 16:00.
>Thank you for your time.
>Kind regards
>   <<11-07-2032-00-0000-802-emergency-services-ad-hoc-agenda.ppt>>
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