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[802SEC] Instructions for getting a WebID

Dear Chairs of 802 WGs

Please pass on the following information to your working groups.  I have
also attached a .doc format description of the process as well.

The new attendance server software will require that attendees get an
 - You do not have to be an IEEE member to get a WebID
 - There is no charge for getting a WebID

To get a WebID, the attendees will need to have an IEEE Web Account.
There are two types of IEEE Web Accounts:
 - IEEE Member Web Account- this web account is associated with your
IEEE or SA Membership account.  Remember, only those who are SA Members
(or paid a per ballot fee can participate in Sponsor Balloting). Join
the IEEE and/or IEEE SA
 - IEEE Guest Web Account – this web account is used by those who are
not IEEE or SA Members (nor plan to in the future).  If you do want to
participate in Sponsor Balloting you will need to pay the per ballot fee
(with a Guest Web Account).  Participation in WG and TG balloting only
requires paying the registration fees for meetings for which the
participant is attending, neither IEEE nor SA membership is required.

Get your Web Account:
 1) Go to: click, "Register for an IEEE
Web Account"
 2) Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the IEEE Web Account

Instructions for Registering Your Activity Areas of Interest in myProject

You are now ready to log onto myProject and register for Activity Areas
of interest, as follows:
 1) Go to Standards Development Online: and Enter your IEEE Web
Account username and password.
 2) Click the Announcements link to review any new announcements that
may have been posted.
3) If this is the first time logging into myProject you will be prompted
for contact and employer information as well as an optional secondary
email address.
 4) Click on "Manage Activity Profile."
 5) Expand the Activity Area tree from Society to Sponsor to Working
Group to Project as desired by clicking on the “+” at each level
 6) Place a checkmark beside each Project in which you wish to
participate and appear on its roster as an Interested Party.  This
action will place you on a list to receive future emails regarding the
Sponsor Ballot for the project. Note that you must select each project
in which you intend to appear on its roster, and potentially gain voting
rights within the committee through active participation or if you are
interested in participating in the Sponsor Ballot for the project.
 7) If you are generally interested in the scope of work for a specific
Working Group which may have many projects, then select the Working
Group level as well. If you are generally interested in the scope of
work and all Working Groups and projects beneath a specific Sponsor,
then select the Sponsor level as well.


James Gilb

This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector.  This list is maintained by Listserv.

WebID Instructions.doc