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[802SEC] Final Tally: +++EC Email Ballot+++Motion for electronic distribution of standards to 802+++

"Moved: to authorize the expenditure of no more than $2,000.00 to
create, on 
IEEE servers, a secured web site that will allow attendees registered at
802 plenary meeting to download the material previously made available
an annual distribution of a CD-ROM.  The download facility will be
only during the weeks of an 802 plenary session, from 8am on Monday
6pm on Friday."

Opens: 26 SEP 2007; Closes 10 OCT 2007

Mover: Bob O'Hara
Seconder: Stuart Kerry

All members of the EC eligible to vote have cast a ballot on this issue.
Below is the tally on the motion.  By this count the motion FAILS.  

Please check that your vote is recorded correctly.  If there are no
corrections to the tally, 24 hours from the time this email is posted to
the EC reflector, the tally becomes final.

Voters		      DNV   APP   DIS   ABS	
CH Paul Nikolich		DNV
V1 Mat Sherman 				 X
V2 Pat Thaler	 			 X
ES Buzz Rigsbee				 X
RS Bob O'Hara			 X
TR John Hawkins			 X
01 Tony Jeffree			 X
03 Bob Grow					 X
11 Stuart Kerry			 X
15 Bob Heile				 X
16 Roger Marks				 X
17 John  Lemon				 X
18 Mike Lynch			 X
19 Steve Shellhammer		 X
20 Arnie Greenspan      	 X
21 Vivek Gupta				 X
22 Carl Stevenson				 X
ME Geoff Thompson       non-voting
total:			-01-  -07-  -09-  -00-


Bob O'Hara
Cisco Systems - WNBU

Phone:  +1 408 853 5513
Mobile: +1 408 218 4025

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