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Re: [802SEC] Interpretation of current P&P

Bob -

Given that the Chair can rule on this issue, presumably the Chair 
could also rule that he wishes his ruling to be 
confirmed/endorsed/whatever by a motion of the EC?

Seems to me that the combination would make the ruling more likely to 
be bomb-proof.


At 22:27 31/10/2007, Bob O'Hara (boohara) wrote:
>So, it is quite clear in RROR that the chair is given the power and the
>duty to rule on interpretations of the bylaws and where they apply.  In
>the situation that has precipitated this email thread, this means that
>the chair will be the one to decide if the current term limit text in
>our P&P means that a chair must have the 75%-approved motion of their
>working group in order to run for election after four terms or after
>something greater than four terms.

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