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Re: [802SEC] It doesn't have to be either or


I like Twente and would be happy to go back there...
But it was not without its warts.
As I recall

	- Transportation from major airports was a problem. It was a significant 
distance from Amsterdam airport and there was lots of conversation about 
the train trips to get to Enschede. I actually flew into Frankfort, rented 
a car and drove the significant distance. Having a car insulated me from 
most of the transportation problems except campus parking which is a major 
problem on any campus I have encountered. Folk without cars had to bum 
rides with those who did or ride public transit. Someone else will have to 
say how well that worked.

	- Lecture halls. As I recall, we had lots of space and most excellent AV 
facilities. The seats though were usually theater style with classroom arm 
rests. Our meeting there was long enough ago that (I think) there was no 
facility for laptop power at individual seats in the lecture halls. That 
may have changed.

	- Common meeting areas. We were spread around in multiple classroom 
buildings AND multiple hotels. There was significantly reduced opportunity 
to run into colleagues outside your WG/TG. The only common meeting spot was 
the Student Center. It at least had good and cheap beer but it was smokey 
and chopped up into lots of little nooks and crannies, thus somewhat 
difficult to cruise.

	- It had good copying facilities, something we cared about at the time.

In any campus venue we are generally restricted to our summer meeting in 
order to be there when the campus is empty and have some access to student 
sleeping facilities. We could hit Spring vacation week with some luck and 
planning but wouldn't have access to student housing then.Geoff

At 11:34 AM 11/27/2007 , Pat Thaler wrote:
I would be up for that if we can confirm that there is enough
accomodation available nearby - I don't think our attendance was quite
as large back then.

I'm assuming that a university located meeting would have to be a July
plenary in order for the space to be available. Correct?


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Can they handle 1500?

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FYI-  We have a standing invitation with the University of Twente in
Enschede NL to do another hosted Plenary there like we did in July 1996
if folks would be interested in that.  I'm pretty sure there are no
packs of wild dogs there, but the Enschede Fireworks factory did explode
about 12 years ago violently enough to make the International News.

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