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Re: [802SEC] Proposed process to choose March 2011 802 Plenary


I proposed March 7 to give the EC time to review and digest any  
input. I see your point, but I'd rather get there using your second  
alternative of moving Step (1) earlier. January 15 would be great if  
we can get there, but perhaps we could get by with less than 45 days.


On Nov 28, 2007, at 10:36 AM, Pat Thaler wrote:

> Roger,
> That looks like a good plan.
> Is there something driving the 7 March date for item 2? A month  
> plus one
> week looks a little short. I guess that is to get the venue locations
> early enough to pin down travel costs for EC approval at the EC  
> meeting.
> I think we could give the hosts more time (45 days?) and approve a  
> site
> visit budget allocation at the March meeting and then adjust with an
> email ballot if the budget doesn't fit the site visits.
> The other alternative would be to pull in the 31 January date to 15
> January and leave 7 March.
> Pat
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> Subject: [802SEC] Proposed process to choose March 2011 802 Plenary
> I suggest that we seek proposals to host the March 2011 Plenary and
> make a choice at the July session. Here is a specific timeline to get
> there:
> (1) by 31 January: IEEE 802 Executive Secretary issues a draft set of
> facility requirements and issues a Request for Interest (RfI) seeking
> a letter of intent from any prospective hosts.
> (2) 7 March: Deadline for letter of intent that would name
> prospective host and venue but without a firm commitment to host.
> (3) 21 March: 802 EC approves a request for proposals (RfP),
> including facility requirements and hosting specifications, with a
> specific submittal template to allow ready intercomparison. 802 EC
> also authorizes travel expenses for site visits to prospective hosts
> identified by letter of intent.
> (4) 20 June: Deadline for host proposals issued in response to the  
> RfP.
> (5) 1 July: Executive Secretary submits report summarizing proposals
> and results of site visits.
> (6) 14 July: During a tutorial slot, host candidates overview their
> proposals.
> (7) 18 July: 802 EC votes to accept a proposal.
> Note that this would not require any EC action before the March 802
> Plenary. We just need Step (1) to kick it off.
> The RfP could specify that we are particularly seeking venues outside
> North America and would expect to give them preference. We could also
> be rigid about this, but my personal opinion is that we should be
> flexible, retaining the option to choose a North American site if
> that was the only reasonable option. Anyway, the RfP would be subject
> to EC discussion.
> If we take an approach like this, I have a lot of confidence that we
> will get a good response. I am committed to working with prospective
> hosts to get us at least one solid hosting offer outside North  
> America.
> I welcome your thoughts on this proposal.
> Roger
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