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[802SEC] Final Tally: +++un-conflicted EC motion regarding 802.20+++confidential executive session+++ closes not later than 4JAN2008+++

Dear EC members,

Happy New Year. The below email ballot among the un-conflicted EC members on the below motion closed 4JAN2008 with a final of 7 approve, 1 did not vote, 2 non-voting.  The motion passed.



 un-conflicted EC members, voting:
 1 John Hawkins,  apprrove
 2 Buzz Rigsbee, approve
 3 Bob O'Hara, approve
 4 Mike Lynch, approve
 5 Arnie Greenspan, approve
 6 Tony Jeffree, approve
 7 Bob Heile, approve
 8 John Lemon, did not vote

un-conflicted EC members, non-voting:
 1 Geoff Thompson, 
 2 Paul Nikolich

802.20 Oversight Committee members: Geoff Thompson, Mike Takefman, Arnie Greenspan

Motion Text:
  Whereas, one of the conditions in the 05 DEC 2007 SASB resolution states "The unconflicted LMSC EC shall oversee conduct of the ballot, including determination of affiliation and voting blocs in a manner consistent with that used for determining the voting members of the 802.20 working group." 
   Be it resolved that the unconflicted LMSC EC approves the sponsor ballot procedures (Attachment A) and the Oversight Committee's determination of affiliation and voting blocs (Attachment B)
   Be it further resolved that a public version of this resolution shall be made available without Attachment B. 
MOVED: Greenspan, SECOND: Rigsbee

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802dot20 Sponsor Ballot Procedure and Bloc_List final.pdf