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[802SEC] +++802 EC motion to extend support for 802.20 Chair through Mar 2008 plenary session+++closes 21JAN2008

Dear EC members,

The below November 2006 motion to cover the SASB appointed 802.20 WG chair's 
expenses expired in November 2007. However, since a replacement chair has 
not been selected, and I assume SASB and the 802 EC desires to maintain 
Arnie in the WG chair role, he will need financial support from 802 through 
the March 2008 plenary session when WG chair elections shall be held. The 
following motion extends the duration of the November 2006 motion through 
March 2008.

There are no expenses to cover for the January 802.20 WG interim session 
this week since Arnie is not attended the session.

Furthermore, it is my understanding that in the event the WG decides to 
elect Arnie, the EC confirms him and Arnie agrees to continue to serve as 
802.20 WG chair, he will no longer be serving in the 802.20 WG capacity as 
an SASB appointee, therefore 802 support shall no longer be required after 
the March plenary session.

Extend the duration of the IEEE 802 LMSC November 2006 motion regarding the 
SASB appointed 802.20 WG chair to include the March 2008 plenary session.
Moved: John Hawkins, second Tony Jeffree

All members of the 802 EC are eligible to vote on the motion.  Duration is 
14 days--the email ballot closes 21JAN2008.



for reference:
IEEE 802 LMSC November 2006 Motion regarding the SASB appointed 802.20 WG 
Moved: In order to meet the requirements imposed on us by the SASB, and 
without creating precedent:
to cover the SASB appointed 802.20 chair's reasonable and customary expenses 
(e.g. registration, travel,
hotel, meals) using 802 resources until the end of the November 2007 
plenary, or until the chair is
replaced, whichever is sooner.
- includes 2007 Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov sessions
- Estimated not to exceed $3.5k per session, averaged over the year
Moved: Jeffree/Takefman 

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