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Re: [802SEC] +++802 EC motion to extend support for 802.20 Chair through Mar 2008 plenary session+++closes 21JAN2008


At 02:47 PM 1/7/2008 -0500, Paul Nikolich wrote:
>Dear EC members,
>The below November 2006 motion to cover the SASB appointed 802.20 WG 
>chair's expenses expired in November 2007. However, since a replacement 
>chair has not been selected, and I assume SASB and the 802 EC desires to 
>maintain Arnie in the WG chair role, he will need financial support from 
>802 through the March 2008 plenary session when WG chair elections shall 
>be held. The following motion extends the duration of the November 2006 
>motion through March 2008.
>There are no expenses to cover for the January 802.20 WG interim session 
>this week since Arnie is not attended the session.
>Furthermore, it is my understanding that in the event the WG decides to 
>elect Arnie, the EC confirms him and Arnie agrees to continue to serve as 
>802.20 WG chair, he will no longer be serving in the 802.20 WG capacity as 
>an SASB appointee, therefore 802 support shall no longer be required after 
>the March plenary session.
>Extend the duration of the IEEE 802 LMSC November 2006 motion regarding 
>the SASB appointed 802.20 WG chair to include the March 2008 plenary session.
>Moved: John Hawkins, second Tony Jeffree
>All members of the 802 EC are eligible to vote on the motion.  Duration is 
>14 days--the email ballot closes 21JAN2008.
>for reference:
>IEEE 802 LMSC November 2006 Motion regarding the SASB appointed 802.20 WG 
>Moved: In order to meet the requirements imposed on us by the SASB, and 
>without creating precedent:
>to cover the SASB appointed 802.20 chair's reasonable and customary 
>expenses (e.g. registration, travel,
>hotel, meals) using 802 resources until the end of the November 2007 
>plenary, or until the chair is
>replaced, whichever is sooner.
>- includes 2007 Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov sessions
>- Estimated not to exceed $3.5k per session, averaged over the year
>Moved: Jeffree/Takefman
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