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[802SEC] 802 Chair's to-do list--please review and add items as required

Dear EC members,

It's almost the end of January.  Time to start seriously preparing for the March plenary session.  I'm doing 802 EC house cleaning this week and have the following open items on my to-do list:

1) solicit input for opening EC meeting agenda items
2) update 802 Chair Guidelines
3) issue guidelines for re-election/re-confirmation process
4) solicit input for 802 Task Force meeting from EC and SA Staff
5) support selection of nNA venue -- (where are we in this process Buzz?)
6) obtain status on ISO/IEC JTC1 SC6 documents in process (Geoff--I look to you to provide this)
7) drive closure on any open contract items (John Hawkins and Buzz--I need your support here)
8) make sure 802 members are aware of policy changed (Mat and Pat leading this)
9) make sure 802 member are aware of Automated Attendance Monitoring application (Kipness and Sahr leading this)
10) assist the Emergency Services interest group in finding the appropriate organizational niche in which to procede (McCann, Kerry, Jeffree, Gupta to coordniate)
11) obtain status on coordination of dot11 VTS and dot01 AVB activities (Kerry and Jeffree)
12) ensure entire EC is up to date on 802.20 WG draft status
13) obtain status on 802.19 coexistence work and any coordination activities with P1900 (Shellhammer)
14) provide feedback to EC on SA initiatives may be of interest--e.g., Educational Activites, Strategic Planning, others?
15) getIEEE 802 program status--where is this going? (Hawkins and Kenney)
16) provide feedback to SA on myballot and myproject issues (all)
17) anyone have concerns about potential projects in other SA Sponsors or outside SDOs overlapping 802 Scope?

Thats it for off the top of my head.  I'm sure I'm missing something though--if you think of something that should be on my list, please feel free to add it.



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