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Re: [802SEC] 802 Chair's to-do list--please review and add items as required


Are you tracking/aware of the attached item being proposed in SC25/WG3?


At 03:32 PM 1/26/2008 , Shellhammer, Steve wrote:
>         Here is an update to:
>         13) Obtain status on 802.19 coexistence work and any
>coordination activities with P1900 (Shellhammer)
>SJS>    The 802.19 TAG is holding regular meetings with members of
>802.16h and 802.11y on coexistence in the 3650 MHz frequency band.  We
>do much of the work in conference calls since we only meet in the same
>place during Plenary meetings.  During Plenary meetings we tend to have
>joint meetings.  802.16h is planning to develop a coexistence assurance
>(CA) document, which is not required by their PAR, but they have none
>the less chosen to generate one to assist them with development of their
>SJS>    We recently found a volunteer to fill the open position of
>Technical Editor (Mark Austin).  He is working on converting our
>preliminary text approved by the TAG into Draft form.
>SJS>    No official interaction with the SCC41 (new name for P1900).
>They are considering a project on Spectrum Sensing so I plan to attend a
>conference call next week, since it is a topic in which I have personal
>SJS>    Good luck will all the rest of the action items.  You have a
>long list.  :)
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>Subject: [802SEC] 802 Chair's to-do list--please review and add items as
>Dear EC members,
>It's almost the end of January.  Time to start seriously preparing for
>the March plenary session.  I'm doing 802 EC house cleaning this week
>and have the following open items on my to-do list:
>1) solicit input for opening EC meeting agenda items
>2) update 802 Chair Guidelines
>3) issue guidelines for re-election/re-confirmation process
>4) solicit input for 802 Task Force meeting from EC and SA Staff
>5) support selection of nNA venue -- (where are we in this process
>6) obtain status on ISO/IEC JTC1 SC6 documents in process (Geoff--I look
>to you to provide this)
>7) drive closure on any open contract items (John Hawkins and Buzz--I
>need your support here)
>8) make sure 802 members are aware of policy changed (Mat and Pat
>leading this)
>9) make sure 802 member are aware of Automated Attendance Monitoring
>application (Kipness and Sahr leading this)
>10) assist the Emergency Services interest group in finding the
>appropriate organizational niche in which to procede (McCann, Kerry,
>Jeffree, Gupta to coordniate)
>11) obtain status on coordination of dot11 VTS and dot01 AVB activities
>(Kerry and Jeffree)
>12) ensure entire EC is up to date on 802.20 WG draft status
>13) obtain status on 802.19 coexistence work and any coordination
>activities with P1900 (Shellhammer)
>14) provide feedback to EC on SA initiatives may be of interest--e.g.,
>Educational Activites, Strategic Planning, others?
>15) getIEEE 802 program status--where is this going? (Hawkins and
>16) provide feedback to SA on myballot and myproject issues (all)
>17) anyone have concerns about potential projects in other SA Sponsors
>or outside SDOs overlapping 802 Scope?
>Thats it for off the top of my head.  I'm sure I'm missing something
>though--if you think of something that should be on my list, please feel
>free to add it.
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>This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector.  This 
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