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[802SEC] 802.11 PAR Extension Requests for Approval

802 EC Members,

Believing it is not required under the 30 day rule, since there will  
be no change in scope, purpose, or 5c, I expect that 802.11 will be  
submitting PAR extension requests for P802.11k, P802.11p, P802.11r,  
P802.11s, P802.11u, P802.11v and P802.11.2 to the EC in March for  
approval to forward them to NesCom and the SASB. The current 7 PARs  
for these projects are active till 12/31/08, hense the extension  

I expect the PAR extension requests to be approved by the 802.11 WG at  
its mid-week plenary in Orlando during the March 2008 session.

Lastly, as a heads up I will also be sending a new PAR and 5C request  
for approval before the 30 day period close for P802.11aa - Video  
Transportation Streams.


/ Stuart

Stuart J. Kerry

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