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[802SEC] Improved Patent Policy Slide Set Now Available

Dear EC members,

Please see the below message from the Patent Committee regarding the new and 
improved Patent Policy slide set for presentation during IEEE 802 LMSC 



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Sent: Friday, April 04, 2008 4:27 PM
Subject: Improved Patent Policy Slide Set Now Available

>4 April 2008
> All,
> At its March 2008 meeting, the IEEE-SA Standards Board Patent Committee
> (PatCom) approved a new set of Patent Slides for use at all Standards
> Development meetings.
> These Patent Slides for Standards Development meetings have been posted 
> and
> are available at:
>  (PPT version)
>  (PDF version)
> Many of the changes made were based upon feedback from users (Sponsors,
> Working Groups, and others).
> This new slide set focuses on the duties of participants in Standards
> Development meetings rather than simply presenting the patent policy in 
> its
> entirety.  These slides provide a pointer to the policy and participants
> are encouraged to read and understand it. The slide set also contains the
> preferred text for use in a Call for Patents as required by the Patent
> Policy, as well as reminders concerning antitrust (or competition) laws.
> Between now and 1 June 2008, you are encouraged to use this replacement
> slide set. However, if you have already distributed meeting materials that
> refer to the previous version of the slide set, you may use that version
> until then.
> If you have any questions, please contact me. [Please do NOT reply to all
> unless you want all to read your comments. Thank you.]
> Regards,
> ****************************************************************
> David L. Ringle
> Manager - IEEE-SA Governance, Policy & Procedures
> IEEE Standards Activities Department
> 445 Hoes Lane
> Piscataway, NJ  08854 USA
> TEL: +1 732 562 3806
> FAX: +1 732 875 0524
> **************************************************************** 

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