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[802SEC] determination of unconflicted vs conflicted status of new EC members

Dear EC members,

We have completed phases (1) and (2) of the 4 phase process outlined in my 31MAR email below.  On to phase 3--conduct of a UC-EC email ballots.  We'll start with the 3 unambiguous cases first:

Motion 1: "To add James Gilb to the Unconflicted EC" 
Motion 2: "To add David Law to the Unconflicted EC" 
Motion 3: "To add Bruce Kraemer to the Unconflicted EC" 

I'll need a mover and a seconder for each of the above motions before kicking off the UC-EC email ballots. 

The motion of Mark Klerer will be handled separately as I am not exactly sure how to craft a motion that reflects his desire/concern "I (Mark Klerer) have not asked to be classified as "Unconflicted". I have instead asked to not be classified as conflicted."  Recommendations from a mover/seconder on this item are welcome.



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Sent: Thursday, April 03, 2008 12:36 PM
Subject: determination of unconflicted vs conflicted status of new EC members


The criteria we shall use in classifying the new EC members as Unconflicted or Conflicted regarding 802.20 decisions:
a) The "perception of conflict" is a test for disclosure:  is the EC member aware of a fact (about himself or someone else) that would cause a reasonable person on the outside looking in to believe that the member had an interest in the outcome or for whatever reason was unable to decide in the best interest of the IEEE.
b) The test for a determination of an "actual conflict" was whether there was in fact an interest that could prevent someone from making an unbiased decision.  

At this time, all 4 new EC members, James Gilb, David Law, Bruce Kraemer and Mark Klerer, have asserted they should be classified as Unconflicted.  Per the below email, step (1) is complete and step (2) has begun.  Please use the next week to query each new EC member regarding their classification assertion using this private email list.  

At the end of next week, I will ask for a members of the UC-EC to make four motions (one per new EC member) "To add XXX to the Unconflicted EC" that we will conduct via the EC reflector.  The Unconflicted EC members qualified to cast a vote on these motions are: John Hawkins, Buzz Rigsbee, Mike Lynch, Tony Jeffree, Bob Heile, John Lemon (and Paul Nikolich if needed to break a tie.) 



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  Sent: Monday, March 31, 2008 2:57 PM
  Subject: determination of unconflicted vs conflicted status of new EC members

  Dear Unconflicted EC members,

  We need to classify our new EC members (James Gilb/SiBeam, David Law/3Com, Bruce Kraemer/Marvell ;Mark Klerer/Qualcomm) into either the unconflicted or conflicted category.  I should have done this during the elections--it would have been much easier.

  We will make the determination over the next few weeks using the following process:

  1) Each new member to send an email to this private EC list declaring their opinion on whether or not they believe they are conflicted by Friday 4APR 2008 or sooner.
  2) Open 1 week discussion period via private EC list email among EC members (tentatively ending Friday 11APR08.)
  3) Conduct a public (via EC reflector) 10-day UC-EC Email ballot to determine the classification of Gilb, Law, Kraemer and Klerer (tentatively ending 21APR08.)
  4) Done



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