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[802SEC] IEEE 802 July Plenary Draft Schedule - Comments Required

Attached is the draft file for the July plenary session.  Room assignments
are not confirmed and subject to change.  It is important to note the


1.	We are short meeting space. The highlighted pink means the meeting
has no meeting room available at the Hyatt.  I have tried to distribute the
meeting space in a fair and reasonable manner with guidance from Buzz.  We
are asking that every WG look at their specs and release space where they
can; we cannot afford to have meeting rooms empty or under utilized.
2.	There are a number of cases where meeting rooms assigned are smaller
than requested or space is assigned for part of the time you have requested.
A number of rooms are set to max and will include theatre seating at the
back.  Be prepared for a tight fit!
3.	It is your responsibility to let us know if I have made an error in
your specs or missed and WG meetings.  Please confirm your agreement or
disagreement within 2 business days.  We may not be able to accommodate
additional new requests.
4.	We are looking, but have not confirmed meeting space off property.
As you know this is not the idea scenario and are requesting your
understanding and restraint.  In addition we require your cooperation with
moving air walls and re-setting rooms to accommodate meetings during the
plenary.  Please clear head table & riser areas immediately following your
meeting so the hotel can do its job most efficiently. 


Thank you in advance for your comments and cooperation,



Darcel Moro

IEEE 802 Meeting Manager

Face To Face Events, Inc.

Direct Tel: 604-808-9624

Direct Fax: 604-949-0719

Email:  <>


P please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.


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