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[802SEC] +++ 802 EC motion to allow consideration of 802.11 PARs in July

Dear Colleagues,
This is a 10 day email ballot of the IEEE 802 EC. This ballot will close
30 June 2008 (anywhere on Earth). Paul has delegated conduct of this
ballot to me. Because this is a ballot to suspend the rules, Paul has
ruled that it will require a vote of 2/3 of EC with voting rights
members to pass. 
This motion is for the PARs:
which were to the EC circulated 2 days less than the required 30 days
prior to the Opening Excecutive Committee meeting of the July 2008

Moved to Suspend the rules to allow consideration of the 802.11 Below 6
GHz PAR and the 802.11 60 GHz PAR  at the July 2008 closing EC meeting
except that for each of these PARs, if a WG submits a comment by
objecting to the late notice of that PAR, the PAR will not be considered
by the EC at the July 2008 closing EC meeting.

Mover: Pat Thaler
Seconder: Bruce Kraemer

Pat Thaler

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