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Re: [802SEC] Motion to return 802.20 to individual voting rights


Some corrections (thanks to Bob Grow).

June 2006, SASB took action removing 802.20 officers
December 2007 (not 2008) dissolving SASB oversight committee and returning all oversight to the EC.

I verified that the UC-EC meet in San Francisco in closed session, July 16, 2007. The public minutes state that the following motion was approved:

"Effective immediately, all votes and ballots in the 802.20 working group shall be conducted on the basis of entity affiliation, with one vote per entity. Entities and affiliation shall e as determined by the 802 EC 802.20 OC, based on members' declarations of their primary affiliation and other information available to the OC."

It has been pointed out to me that we can do entity voting (apparently mixed voting was done away with, but is still listed in the IEEE SA web pages) under the rules defined by the SA. This may require some clarifications to the 802 EC P&P and OM as well as the 802.20 P&P and OM.

It was also pointed out that 802.20 did not use entity voting process, it used one based on voting blocs.

If 802.20 (or any other group) wants to create a PAR with entity voting or to modify a current PAR so that it uses entity voting.

The goal of the motion is to return 802.20 to its original state and to allow 802.20 members to determine the best course of action, including, if they wish, to switch to entity voting.

James Gilb

PS: Thanks for the responses from everyone that helped me to clarify the history and status of 802.20.

James Gilb wrote:

I am looking for a second for this one. Paul N. will determine the valid voting pool (all EC or UC-EC).


On 16 July 2007, the UC-EC voted to make voting for 802.20 to be based on entity affiliation.

SASB returned oversight of the 802.20 WG to the UC-EC in December 2007.

Dec 2008 SASB minutes -- "Move to (1) disband the SASB Oversight
Committee, and (2) return oversight control to the 802 Executive
Committee with an offer of continuing support for situations where the
802 EC wishes to seek our help."

The above motion passed after reviewing the EC motion from November 2006
requesting that "the NC-EC be dissolved once the 802.20 standard is
approved by the SASB."

The 802.20 standard has been approved by the SASB.

Moved to return the 802.20 working group to individual voting at the
beginning of the July 2008 plenary meeting. Voting rights shall be determined on historical attendance credits per the 802.20 P&P, and superior rules.

Furthermore, the 802.20 rules and the 802 LMSC rules do not explicitly deal with entity voting Working Groups (For example, what constitutes an entity? In 802.20 sponsor ballot, various individuals were grouped by the oversight committee into a single entity vote.)

If we want to convert 802.20 to entity or mixed balloting group, we should take to the time to write the P&P to support this. In the mean time, I think it would be best to return 802.20 to where it was.

James Gilb

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This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector.  This list is maintained by Listserv.