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[802SEC] Motion to return 802.20 to individual voting rights


I am looking for a second for this one.  Paul N. will determine the 
valid voting pool (all EC or UC-EC).


On 16 July 2007, the UC-EC voted to make voting for 802.20 to be based 
on entity affiliation.

SASB returned oversight of the 802.20 WG to the UC-EC in December 2007.

Dec 2008 SASB minutes -- "Move to (1) disband the SASB Oversight
Committee, and (2) return oversight control to the 802 Executive
Committee with an offer of continuing support for situations where the
802 EC wishes to seek our help."

The above motion passed after reviewing the EC motion from November 2006
requesting that "the NC-EC be dissolved once the 802.20 standard is
approved by the SASB."

The 802.20 standard has been approved by the SASB.

Moved to return the 802.20 working group to individual voting at the
beginning of the July 2008 plenary meeting. Voting rights shall be 
determined on historical attendance credits per the 802.20 P&P, and 
superior rules.

Furthermore, the 802.20 rules and the 802 LMSC rules do not explicitly 
deal with entity voting Working Groups (For example, what constitutes an 
entity?  In 802.20 sponsor ballot, various individuals were grouped by 
the oversight committee into a single entity vote.)

If we want to convert 802.20 to entity or mixed balloting group, we 
should take to the time to write the P&P to support this.  In the mean 
time, I think it would be best to return 802.20 to where it was.

James Gilb

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