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[802SEC] Request for Collaboration from SC-202 of the RTCA

Dear EC,

I have received a request for collaboration between Special
Committee-202 (SC-202) of the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics
(RTCA) and 802.18. The RTCA is a U.S. Federal Advisory Committee
operating under the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA). FACA is the
law that governs joint U.S. government and private sector interactions.
For example FACA is the basis for the government/industry preparation
for meetings of ITU-T, ITU-R, ITU-D, CITEL and other bodies. RTCA's
recommendations are used by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
"as a basis for policy, program and regulatory decisions and by the
private sector as the basis for development, investment and other
business decisions".

This URL will take you to a more extensive description of the RTCA:

The email from SC-202 can be found at:

SC-202 provided an overview briefing that provides a view of the project
they would like 802 to collaborate on. Those slides are available at:

The attached email identifies Dr. Frank Whetten as the point of contact
from SC-202. He is also an active participant in 802.18 and I have asked
him to present the slides to 802.18 and be ready to further discuss the
proposed collaboration. That presentation will be during an as yet
undetermined period on Tuesday, 15 July.

SC-202 has been tasked by the FCC to develop a report to identify any
issues involving aircraft passenger use of wireless devices. What SC-202
would like is an input to that report as regards 802 wireless
technologies and, since this deals with a regulatory area, that response
would come through 802.18. SC-202 will use that information in their
report to the full RTCA. In turn the FAA will use that data in
developing their rules regarding the use of wireless technologies on
board aircraft. Those rules could permit or prohibit the use of various
802 wireless technologies on board aircraft.

I expect they want to have (or verify) information on 802 technologies.
I also expect that they will be looking for us to suggest what can be
done to have those technologies meet the FAA limits. It could also be
useful for 802 to understand those limits when developing new
technologies that could end being used on board aircraft.

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