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[802SEC] +++EC Email Request for Comment by 1AUG08+++ on the IEEE Partner Standards Development Organization Cooperation Agreement

Dear EC members,

As discussed during the closing EC meeting last Friday, attached are the initial draft comments from Jesse Walker, Geoff Thompson and Andrew Myles on the ISO/IEEE.  Please review the comments and if you have additional input, please submit your comments to Geoff Thompson by no later than 1 August 2008.  

Geoff will collect the EC input and provide the final list of EC comments to the IEEE SA for consideration shortly after 1 AUG.  

The IEEE SA has committed to review the EC comments and provide feedback. I'm not sure how much time they will need for that.



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From: Walker, Jesse 
To: Paul Nikolich 
Cc: Geoff Thompson ; 
Sent: Friday, July 18, 2008 10:35 AM
Subject: PSDO Comments


Here are the comments on the PSDO that Geoff, Andrew, and I assembled. They are in two forms: a copy of the PSDO annotated with our comments, and second a spreadsheet that assembles these in one place.

-- Jesse

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