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[802SEC] IEEE Annual Election Ballot Mailing--problems with mailed ballots, FYI

Dear EC members,

FYI, in case you are asked why ballot packages haven't been received yet, I receive the below message from the IEEE Election staff regarding the Annual Election ballot mailings. Evidently the ballots mailed to Canada will be delayed as well as many with address issues.



----- Original Message ----- Sent: Friday, August 01, 2008 11:37 AM
Subject: Issues With IEEE Annual Election Ballot Mailing

To:   Members of the IEEE Board of Directors
     Members of the IEEE Tellers Committee
     IEEE Annual Election Candidates
     IEEE Computer Society Annual Election Staff

This is to inform you that we have encountered two related issues with the
IEEE Annual Election ballot mailings and have taken action to resolve them.

On Friday, 25 July, the IEEE Annual Election ballot packages were mailed to
282,198 voting members.

On Monday, 28 July, our International shipping vendor advised us that the
ballots addressed to Canada were missing zip codes.   The Canadian ballots
were immediately returned to the election vendor for reprinting.

On Tuesday, 29 July, twenty-two ballot packages were returned to the
election vendor as non-deliverable.   We determined that some mailing
addresses that had a company name for a member had street address issues.
This affected a subset of 53,000 ballot packages across all Regions.

The following actions are being taken:

1. IEEE IT is preparing corrected data files to be shipped to the vendor
as follows:
     a.    Canadian files by 08/01/2008
     b.    All others by 08/04/2008
2.    The election vendor was instructed to have enough materials for the
reprinting and re-mailing of the affected ballot packages.

IEEE Computer Society ballot packages were also affected, printing was
stopped, and ballots were not mailed. New files are being prepared to ship
to the vendor.

In the event that a member receives multiple ballots, processes are in
place to ensure that only one vote is counted.

We are continuing to monitor this situation daily to ensure the issues are
resolved as quickly as possible.  We are also working with the team to
determine the complete financial implications associated with the
reprinting and re-mailing.

If you have any questions, or need further clarification, please feel free
to contact either Carrie Loh at <> and +1 732 562 3934, or



Fern E. Katronetsky
Executive Director
IEEE Foundation & Awards
445 Hoes Lane
Piscataway, NJ  08854  USA
Tel:  +1 732 562 3932
Fax:  +1 732 981 9515

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