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Re: [802SEC] Path to resolution of 802.11 VHT60 PAR


        Just getting back to you since I was out last week.

        You are concerned about the word "ensure."  It looks like Pat may have addressed your comment in a subsequent email.  If not, is there another word or phase that you believe is better?  There is no intent to use a synonym of "guarantee."  I specifically did not use that word on purpose.  I was looking for a word/phase that works.  "Ensure" seemed to be the best word.  I am open to consider an alternative.

        Systems that are not in a shared environment tend to coexist well since they do not interfere with each other.  So the focus is always on being in a shared environment that is true.

        There are many "tasks" that wireless networks perform.  Typically those are discussed early on in the development phase for a standard.  In every standard that I have been involved in, that has been done.  So I don't think that needs to be repeated.  In a specific case it does make sense to consider the primary tasks (applications), but I don't think you want to list specific tasks in a definition.


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At the EC meeting, I expressed concern not just with the definition of
"coexistence" but about the definition of "ensure coexistence."
According to Merriam-Webster <
 >, the word 'ensure' "may imply a virtual guarantee." Is this the

Also, 802.15.2 says that coexistence is "The ability of one system to
perform a task in a given shared environment where other systems have
an ability to perform their tasks and may or may not be using the same
set of rules." As I understand the definition, it cannot be applied
unless the "shared environment" is "given". So it seems to be that it
ought to be specified in the PAR. It also seems to me that the "tasks"
need to be defined as well.


On Jul 26, 2008, at 09:23 AM, Shellhammer, Steve wrote:

> EC Members,
>            Bruce Kraemer, Bob Heile, Paul Nikolich and I held a
> conference call on Thursday to discuss a path forward for the 802.11
> VHT60 PAR.  Paul had asked us to see if we could define a path to
> resolution.  Here is what we came up with.
> Path to resolution of 802.11 VHT60 PAR
> The following is a brief description of the path for resolution of
> the 802.11 VHT60 PAR, which is recommended by the chairs of
> 802.11/15/19.
> The following modifications would be made to the PAR
> 1.  A stronger declaration of coexistence with 802.15.3c in the
> Scope of the PAR.  Possible wording that could be used is the
> wording used in the motion to amend during the closing EC meeting,
> Replace the text "Addresses coexistence with other wireless systems"
> with the text "Ensure coexistence with IEEE 802.15.3c."
> 1.  Adding a definition of coexistence in the Additional Notes
> section.  One possible definition is the definition in 802.15.2,
> which was approved by both the 802.11 and 802.15 working groups.
> 2.  Adding 802.15.3c and ECMA TC48 to section 7.1 (Projects will
> similar scope) of the PAR
> Regards,
> Steve
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