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Re: [802SEC] Plenary organization


At 01:47 AM 10/16/2008 , Tony Jeffree wrote:
> So I would advocate moving the EC meeting to the
> 7pm-midnight slot on Friday evening,
> freeing up most of Friday for WG business ­ finishing
> the WG closing plenary at (say) 3pm would still allow
> us to get straight for the EC meeting, but would also
> give us an extra morning or part-morning for task
> group work.
> Any thoughts?

since I am generally flying west,
I can usually make it out on Friday evening.
Thus, I am disinclined to support your proposal

Also, my memory is that ending Exec meetings at midnight
(in  theory)
beit Sunday or Friday was a generally unhappy process to
a greater extent than our current process.


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