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Re: [802SEC] Plenary organization

I agree with this rationale. I would also like to point out that there has never been a prohibition on groups meeting in parallel with the opening EC meeting. 802.1's Interworking task group generally meets Monday morning. That more groups don't do this is, IMO, a demonstration of the difficulty of getting turn out on Monday morning. 

I would also like to bring up another issue with moving the opening EC earlier or the closing EC later regarding transparency and openness. Moving them to the weekend (or late Friday night) makes it less likely that regular 802 participants will stop by to observe. Moving opening WG meetings to Monday morning would make it less likely that they have a decision making turnout. 

As far as tutorial schedule, remember that the comment deadline in our PAR process is Tuesday 5 PM so it is very desirable to have any tutorials related to PARs before us at that session held on Monday night enabling those from other WGs to hear an extended explanation supporting the PAR and 5 criteria before they make their comments. Therefore, Tuesday is a better candidate for giving up to WG use if we want to reduce to one night of tutorials. 

By the way, in the past it was very common for task groups to use Sunday or sometimes Saturday or the week before the plenary to hold "interim" meetings to extend the working week of the plenary. We haven't had to use that as much in recent years because we have become more efficient with the widespread use of laptops and email reflectors. But if people need more time, it is always an option. 

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An alternate suggestion to David's as put forth below.

I would suggest that We keep the Monday EC as it is for two reasons:
   - Many of our North American attendees travel on Monday morning.
     David's proposal (and that of others) would force (or at least
     heavily nudge) a much larger chunk of our rank and file to
     travel on the weekend. While this may seem like no big deal to
     those of use (a) who are officers and/or (b) come from overseas,
     it is significant to many new participants who have not yet
     committed themselves to working with us and, in particular,
     those who have young families. These are participants who
     will vote with their feet.

   - My experience over the last 25 years has shown that the quality
     of EC meetings is significantly handicapped by the late evening
     format. That time slot has, in my strong opinion, demonstrated
     a lower level of EC performance, diligence and collegiality.
     Thus I think it would be a bad idea for the EC to go to an
     evening time slot. (I say this in spite of my personal metabolism
     which gives me an early morning handicap.)

I would offer an alternate to get more meeting time. That would be to 
eliminate the Monday tutorials and have initial TF meetings on Monday 
evening. Tuesday evening would be tutorials and the Wednesday Social would 

I believe that this set-up would provide the following advantages:
   - Lowest burn-out factor for the largest number of people
   - The evening TF day at the front of the week when folks are relatively 
   - Lowest disturbance to room allocations/catering and thus to ou hotel 
   - At least 3 hours of additional TF time.

I look forward to our discussions on this topic in Dallas.

Best regards,

Geoff Thompson

At 10:02 AM 10/20/2008 , David Law wrote:
 >Hi Steve,
 >What is proposed here would give the WGs approximately 1.5 hours extra
 >daytime meeting time Monday - allowing the WG to start at 10:30AM - and
 >two extra evenings - eliminate Tuesday tutorial and the Wednesday social -
 >which is a start.
 >I however still think we should consider [1] moving the Opening EC to
 >Sunday evening to allow a full day of WG meetings Monday and/or [2] moving
 >the closing EC to allow a half day of WG meetings Friday morning. Allowing
 >WGs to meet Friday morning would also make Thursday evening available for
 >WG meetings - and I would suggest that might be a better approach rather
 >than eliminating the Tuesday tutorial or the social.
 >I do realize that what I suggest places a greater burden on all-ready
 >overworked EC members, but I believe we should do everything possible to
 >allow the WGs the maximum time to do work.
 >Best regards,
 >  David
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 >wrote on 18/10/2008 13:56:42:
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 > Subject: Re: [802SEC] Plenary organization
 > All,
 >         I am NOT in favor of the following,
 > 1.      Moving Monday EC meeting to Sunday
 > 2.      Moving Friday meeting to Thursday night
 >         However, I agree with some other ideas,
 > 1.      Eliminate the 802 plenary and shorten the Monday EC meeting.
 > Get everything done by 10 AM so the WG's can start by 10:30 AM.
 > 2.      Eliminate the social.
 > 3.      Go from one night for Tutorials.  Alternatively, make a
 > deadline of 35 days before the meeting to commit to tutorials.  That
 > way if we only have one night worth of tutorials we can give Tuesday
 > to the WGs.  They would know 35 days in advance and could plan
 > accordingly.  They could get their agendas out 30 days in advance.
 > Regards,
 > Steve

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