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[802SEC] Results of meeting on plenary organization


I have attached Tony's slides and my note on the Plenary organization.

James Gilb

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Attachment: Plenary organization.ppt
Description: application/ppt

Attendees: Mark Klerer, John Hawkins, Buzz Rigsbee, Tony Jeffree
(Chair), Radhakrishana Canchi, James Gilb (secretary), Geoff Thompson,
Paul Nikolich, Bob Heile

Meeting called to order at 20:11 CST.

Goal: Make concrete proposals for changes to the Plenary week meeting

First suggestion: Eliminate opening plenary meeting.

 - need to check our P&P to see what might need to be changed.
 - Replace with email announcement and posting of documents to web
 - site.

Second suggestion: Tighten up the opening EC meeting
 - Keep treasurer's report.
 - Change BoG Actions, SA board actions to be posted to reflector
 rather than announced.
 - Consider if we can remove the announcements of PARs, drafts to
 Spons and to RevCom.
 - Meeting fee waivers should  be consent agenda item.
 - Tutorial schedule can be removed.

Potential for EC meeting to have hard stop at 10 am.

 - Keep Monday, slot 3 tutorials, 6-7:30, 7:30-9:00,
 - Tuesday is optional.
 - Suggest new rule: If tutorial is not submitted 30 days

 - No agreement.

Closing EC meeting
 - Prioritize important face-to-face items first.
 - Move information items to later.
 - Make email voting less painful.
 - May be able to improve speed by posting documents to central
 location in advance.
 - Be more diligent about putting things on the consent agenda,
 perhaps all information items are on the consent agenda.
 - Items for consent agenda are posted x days.
 - Maybe, can only get an agenda item when you submit the
 - Liaison letters should be done as email ballots unless there is a
 timing matter.
 - Suggest change 3:00-8:00 pm.

EC retreat

 - domination and other distortions to the consensus process.
 - disparities in WG practices for common issues
 - inter-group complaints/relationships
 - succession training
 - process changes/tool needs/etc.
 - operational philosophy (e.g., lease vs. buy decisions)

 - Physically and temporally removed from plenary/interim sessions.
 - Not Boston, not Silicon Valley
 - Perhaps Manchester or Edinburgh
 - Round table setup
 - Use existing office facilities
 - Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, Satl Lake City, etc.

 - February 2009
 - Full day and 1/2 day to 1/2 day plus.  Dinner night before.

802 pick up room and some of the food.

Plan for 30 attendees.

Feb Detroit, April Chicago, July Mendecino or Sacramento, all in 2009.

Geoff will make a couple of concrete proposal to the EC

Friday, decide if we will pursue this in general.

Ad-hoc report, "EC off-site proposal"

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