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[802SEC] 802 Task Force meeting Tuesday 9 DEC in Island Breeze Suite 240

Dear EC members and 802 members attending the December SASB meetings,

The 802 Task Force meeting will be held 7:30AM-8:15AM Tuesday morning (before the NesCom and RevCom meetings begin).  I apologize for the early time and short duration, but this was the only time I was told was available.  I will not physically be present, but will attend via phone.

We only have 45 minutes for the meeting, so please be on time and be ready to complete discussion on your agenda item quickly (no more than 5 minutes each.)

The meeting location is in Island Breeze Suite 240 (I assume at the same hotel where the SASB meetings are being held at).

For those that can only participate via phone the bridge number is 

Phone #:  1.888.869.7158 
Passcode:  802622 

The minutes of the last meeting are attached.

The draft agenda for the meeting is as follows:

1) IEEE/SA Partnership Standards Organization Cooperation Agreement (PSDO)--

1b) feedback from DeCourcelle is due pursuant to 802's comments on the PSDO circulated 14NOV08 (see attached).

1a) discussion of IEEE 802 liaison statement N13770 received from ISO/IEC JTC1 SC6/WG1 (see attached) 

2) Update on Copyright Policy (what, if any, feedback has Law received from SASB) --David Law

3) SA Strategic Communications Plan update post BoG meeting: was scheduled for December08, what is the current status? --Kenney

4) Communications Policy Regarding Legal issues:  Nikolich/Grow
- 802 text has been reviewed by SA legal--the draft text to be used in the future, unless otherwise indicated, is as follows:
" "From time to time the IEEE receives subpoenas or investigative demands. When the IEEE has no reasonable objection to the subpoena, the IEEE makes available IEEE 802 documents, ncluding password-protected EC/WG/TAG documents and archives."
- this item was to have been discussed by the BoG last week -- was it?

5) RAC legal issue--SA legal to provide guidance on improper registration 'remedies'?: Thompson

6) Ombudsman--status of 'memorialization' action item? K. Kenney

7) MyProject bug status: 'case sensitivity' --DLaw

8) GetIEEE 802 future budgets: K. Kenney.  A new financial analysis process was begun around March 2007. This has been pending the completetion of sponsor financial analysis since July 2007-- what is the status?  When will the 2010 GetIEEE 802 budget be ready?

9) Any other business?

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