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[802SEC] P802.1Qaw forwarded to Sponsor ballot

Colleauges -

I have today submitted P802.1Qaw/D4.0 for Sponsor ballot under the procedure for
conditional approval in current P&P.

When I made the conditional approval motion in November, the status of the project was as

	D3.2 recirculation ballot closed Oct 27
	106 balloters, 90 responders (85%), 31 approve (97%), 1 disapprove, 58 abstain
	1 outstanding comment from disapprove voter (Glenn Parsons):
	"Where did the definition for "A member port of Link Aggregation Group" go? I
though we were going to use "LAG member port" or "LAG port" or "aggregated port" as in
802.1ag Instead"
	"Put back the definition. Or indicate where it is. And then use the term
throughout the document. There are still uses of "a Bridge Port or a member port of a LAG
within a Bridge Port" in clause 17"
	Committee response:
remove the reference to LAG in clause 17.
It was decided at the last ballot to remove the definition and use 802.1ag phrase, i.e "an
aggregated IEEE802.3 port within a Bridge Port"
Steve stated this phrase will be replaced by a more proper term in the Q-rev together with

The ballot results following the D4.0 recirculation, which closed on 5th January 2009, are

	106 balloters, 98 responders (92%), 39 approve (97%), 1 disapprove, 58 abstain

No additional "No" votes or comments were received during the D4.0 recirculation. The one
outstanding "No" vote, accompanied by a single comment, is the one that was submitted by
Glenn Parsons on D3.2 and made available to the EC in November; Glenn has not so far had
time to review the changes that the WG made in addressing this comment in D4.0 and so has
not changed his vote.


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