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[802SEC] P802.1Qay forwarded to Sponsor ballot

Colleauges -

I have today submitted P802.1Qay/D5.0 for Sponsor ballot under the procedure for
conditional approval in current P&P.

When I made the conditional approval motion in November, the status of the project was as

		Recirculation ballot of D4.5 closed Nov 6
		Total responses: 77, Total number of voters: 107, Response rate: 72% 
		Approve:  27 (93%) Disapprove: 2 (7%) Abstain:  48 (62%)
		Outstanding comments:
The ballot results following the D4.6 recirculation, which closed on 5th January 2009, are

		107 balloters, 77 responders (72%), 29 approve (100%), 0 disapprove, 58
abstain (59%)

No additional "No" votes or comments were received during the D4.6 recirculation. 

No changes have been made to the draft as a result of the final ballot. However, as D4.6
contained Editor's notes in the front matter and in Annex Z that was marked as "to be
removed before Sponsor ballot", D5.0 has been generated for submission to Sponsor ballot
that differs from D4.6 only in that these editor's notes have been deleted.


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