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[802SEC] Approval of AudCom feedback



Please see the material below.  It is the same as I presented in the P&P
review on Monday.  I will request approval of this material as feedback
to AudCom at the Friday EC meeting.  Please let me know in advance if
you feel you need to vote against it for some reason I can work all the
issues before it get's to the floor of the EC.






AudCom Question:  In subclause 3.4.3 Who schedules the meetings?

       Draft Response: The IEEE 802 Operations Manual will fix the time
of EC meetings within Plenary sessions. Other meetings are scheuded by
the LMSC Chair

AudCom Question:  In subclause 4.1 Link in 4.1c is broken.

       Draft Response:  Should read subclause "1" and will be fixed

AudCom Question:  In subclause 4.2 Need example of "habitual default of

       Draft Response: This is intentionally left to the discretion of
the chair.  Also such examples are not used elsewhere in the P&P and
would take another revision cycle (4 months) on our P&P to modify



Matthew Sherman, Ph.D. 
Engineering Fellow 
BAE Systems -  Network Systems (NS) 
Office: +1 973.633.6344 
Cell: +1 973.229.9520 


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