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[802SEC] PARs, minutes and agenda items


I have updated the PAR page on our web site to list the 5 PARs that are
on the agenda for consideration at our closing plenary.  The link is:

If you have a PAR that you want to put on the closing agenda, now would
be a good time to send it to the EC email list to make sure it meets the
30 day rule.

Also, the minutes from the March meeting were posted on March 17 and are
on the opening agenda as a consent agenda item.  Please review them
before the meeting.  If people don't read them, I am going to start
inserting jokes into the minutes just to get people to read them. :)

Finally, now that the interim meetings have finished, please send me any
items you want for the iether theopening or closing agenda so that I can
get the first draft started.


James Gilb
802 EC Recording Secretary

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