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Re: [802SEC] Status on WG P&P Drafting

   6.1  "The Specific WG officers and their activities should...."  change to   "The Specific WG officers and their activities are more fully described in a WG..." 

I still think that the use of Meeting and Session is  being confused.  Meetings have sessions, This is the time to rethink and ensure we have consistency and correct the long standing reversal that 802 has used as compared to the rest of the IEEE-SA.

7.1 the AudCom may have clarified the statement in question, but it is valid.  There are requirements to be fulfilled in order to gain and maintain membership.  This is not an issue of observers.

7.2.1  the use of meeting and session are not consistent with what is in our docs now.... last two lines of first paragraph are in particular confusing conflict.

7.2.2 In response to Adrian's comment....I believe that any interim may be substituted, so that if a person were to attend for the first time at an interim, it becomes that person's first plenary equivalent.  This allows a person to gain voting rights by the 2nd true Plenary.  If a person starts on a Plenary, and then attends the interim between, the next plenary, the person would be granted voting rights on the 2nd plenary as it serves as the 3rd session (meeting).

7.2.3 typo -- membership

7.2.4 meeting vs. session confusion.....if we leave it here, we should flip it in other places.

7.2.5 Meeting vs. session confusion.... more of the same.

9.x  Voting  -- I don't see this as a conflict, if we plug in the percentages as noted, and then note the issues that belong in each grouping, it seems very straight forward to me.

9.3 d) I don't see the need to put in the exception to this rule. "Initiate officer elections" should be sufficient for its own point.

9.3 c)... I don't know that this needs to be listed ahead of d).  I think that this is somewhat of an ordered list, and so the exceptional items should drop to later in the list.



  From: Sherman, Matthew J. (US SSA) 
  Sent: Saturday, June 20, 2009 11:32 PM
  Subject: Status on WG P&P Drafting




  I am almost done with the drafting on the WG P&P.  Creation of the WG P&P will impact both the LMSC P&P and the LMSC OM.  So their will be two ballots:


              One to amend the LMSC P&P (effective Jan 1 2010)

              One to amend the LMSC OM and create the WG P&P (effective upon completion of the ballot)


  The biggest question at the moment concerns voting rules.   Clause 9 of the WG P&P contains the voting rules, and they are considerably different from what we currently use.  We could use the out of saying 'we need to be compliant with Sponsor Rules' and simply replace Clause 9 with subclause of the LMSC OM.  However I have been cautioned against making our rules vary too much from the AudCom baseline.  I can try and reformat our rules to the baseline, but even then I feel they will be fairly divergent.


  Thoughts / preferences?






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