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[802SEC] Current WG P&P Ballot Docuement

EC Members,


Here are the ballot documents I have too date for the ballots to create
an LMSC WG P&P.  As a reminder, there will be 3 documents balloted:


            Revised LMSC P&P

            Revised LMSC OM

            New LMSC WG P&P


There will be two separate ballots (and ballot cover sheets):


            The first to approve splitting the existing LMSC OM in the
OM and WG P&P

            The second to remove extraneous material form the LMSC P&P
relating to WG


I plan to initiate the LMSC OM revision this Friday at the Plenary.  We
will then have 4 more months to discuss all this and build consensus. At
the closing EC meeting at the November 2009 Plenary meeting I plan to
conduct a vote to approve the OM revision.  If that passes, I will hold
a vote to approve the revised LMSC P&P.  Note that the LMSC P&P revision
process has changed per AudCom and we don't have to do anything at this
session to conduct that ballot.  We just need to circulate the ballot
documents 30 days in advance (which I have already done).  If for some
reason the vote in November fails, we can still try again in March, and
meet the AudCom timeline for having a WG P&P.


Here is my planned schedule of meetings to build consensus during this


            7/11/2009          6 PM                4 hours
In Person          Sunday Rules meeting  

            7/17/2009          2:30 PM            2.5 hours           In
Person          'Extra' Rules meeting

            8/21/2009          12 PM ET          2 hours
Teleconference  (Or less time as needed)            

            9/18/2009          12 PM ET          2 hours
Teleconference  (Or less time as needed)

            10/16/2009        12 PM ET          2 hours
Teleconference  (Or less time as needed)

            11/13/2009        12 PM ET          2 hours
Teleconference  (Or less time as needed)

            11/15/2009        6 PM                4 hours             In
Person          Sunday Rules meeting


I sincerely hope that this is more than sufficient to build consensus
and reach closure for the November Plenary.  In fact, I'm hoping some of
the teleconferences won't be needed.  However, if anyone feels this
isn't intense enough, let me know and I'll happily (well not really) add
additional teleconferences.


Note that the existing documents are complete, but I expect what I
currently have in some sections will be controversial.  In the end, I
will go with whatever the consensus is.  Pay particular attention to the
sections on WG voting in the LMSC OM, and the LMSC WG P&P.  I have
blended what our current rules are, and what AudCom has requested. We
can shift the balance either way, but I'd personally prefer to shift
things toward AudCom and feed back that their rules are very weak and
require improvement.  Then adopt the improvements once AudCom agrees.


Anyway this is what I have at the moment.  I've started collecting
comments for discussion on Sunday, but haven't quite completed
documenting the comments I have to date.  I've attached a blank comment
sheet if you'd like to provide additional comments.  I plan to post all
the comments I have for discussion Sunday shortly before the meeting.


Please let me know if there are any questions.








Matthew Sherman, Ph.D. 
Engineering Fellow 
BAE Systems - Electronics, Intelligence, & Support (EI&S) 
Office: +1 973.633.6344 
Cell: +1 973.229.9520 


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