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[802SEC] FW: Get IEEE 802 report


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From: Tony Jeffree [] 
Sent: 12 July 2009 08:01
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Subject: RE: Get IEEE 802 report

James -

I don't get why there is a perceived need to keep this information private - it isn't any
more detailed (and in some ways it is less detailed - no info on costs for example) than
the info that has been presented at previous EC meetings, which are public meetings with
publicly accessible minutes.

What it does show is that the predominant income source for the program is the LMSC
contributions; that being the case, I believe that our membership is *entitled* to have
access to this information (including the missing info on costs) so our members can see
what we are paying for. 


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From: James Gilb [] 
Sent: 12 July 2009 04:23
To: Paul Nikolich; Sherman, Matthew J. (US SSA); Pat Thaler; John Hawkins; Kathryn M.
Cush; James Gilb; Geoff Thompson; Tony Jeffree; Paul Congdon;; Wael
Diab; Bruce Kraemer; Stephens, Adrian P; Jon Rosdahl; Bob Heile; Rick Alfvin; Pat Kinney;
Roger B. Marks; Puthenkulam, Jose P; J Lemon; Refaek (Rafi) Ram; Michael Lynch; Peter
Murray; Shellhammer, Steve; Ivan Reede; Klerer, Mark; Radhakrishna Canchi; Vivek Gupta;
Subir Das; Carl R Stevenson; Gerald Chouinard; Karen Kenney;
Subject: Get IEEE 802 report

Dear EC members

I have been asked by Karen Kenney to distribute this to the private EC
list as it contains financial information.  A public version will be
posted to the 802 web site.

Karen will not be in San Francisco.


James Gilb
802 EC Recording Secretary

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