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[802SEC] Registration Authority Committee -- looking for a volunteer to serve as IEEE 802 LMSC RAC representative

Dear EC members,

As IEEE 802 LMSC chair, I have the responsibility to appoint two 802 members as Registration Authority Committee (RAC) representatives.  The appointees are Geoff Thompson as primary voter and Floyd Backes as secondary voter. Last week Floyd informed me he was resigning his position as RAC LMSC representative, hence I am looking for volunteers to fill the position Floyd vacated.

Please inform your members I am looking  for a volunteer and have them contact me if they are interested.

The responsibilities of RAC representatives are defined in RAC Operating Procedures  The RAC meets face-to-face once a year, typically on the Thursday evening of the July 802 plenary session at that venue.

If you or your members have questions about the RAC representative position, please contact either Geoff Thompson or the RAC chair, Tony Jeffree for further detail.



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