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[802SEC] labels on Get IEEE 802 pages


On the Get IEEE 802 site:

the standards are listed by number and label:

IEEE 802®: Overview & Architecture
IEEE 802.1™ Bridging & Management
IEEE 802.2™: Logical Link Control
IEEE 802.3™: CSMA/CD Access Method
IEEE 802.5™: Token Ring Access Method
IEEE 802.11™: Wireless
IEEE 802.15™: Wireless Personal Area Networks
IEEE 802.16™: Broadband Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks
IEEE 802.17™. Resilent Packet Rings
IEEE 802.20™. Overview and Architecture

I'm not sure exactly what the topic labels are supposed to represent. In many cases, it seems to me that the name of the associated Working Group would be a good string to use as a label. However, that's not quite what we have. In some cases (such as 802.11 and 802.20), the labels are quite incorrect.

Then, when you click the link, you see another heading that, in some cases, is also mismatched or incorrect. For example, this one seems pretty good:

IEEE 802.15
Wireless Personal Area Networks

I haven't reviewed all of them, but these are weird in some way:

IEEE 802.11

IEEE 802.16
Broadband Wireless Metropolitan Area Netwrok (WirelessMAN)

IEEE 802.20
Local and Metropolitan Area Networks: Overview and Architecture

I suggest reviewing the labels and page headers so that they are consistent and accurate.


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