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[802SEC] Update WG P&P revision documents



Please post the attached documents under the P&P development web page.
If you haven't yet done so, please create a section for LMSC WG P&P
Revisions.  I'll start work shortly on an EC document server that should
reduce the load for posting documents.




The motion to ballot the LMSC WG P&P related LMSC OM revision passed, so
I am now accepting comments on the drafts.  For reasons of tradition,
I'm leaving the ballot open for '60 days' but will accept comments any
time between now and the next plenary when I plan to bring all the
revisions to vote.  However, commenting sooner is better than later.  If
you will be requesting changes, please use the attached comment sheet to
make them easier to track.


We had a very productive Governance review meeting on Saturday.
Attached are updated drafts for all the documents.  Please comment
against those drafts (dated 7/18/09) rather than the older ones (dated
7/16/09).  The original changes (balloted for release on Friday) are in
Pink.  The new changes (based on the Saturday P&P review meeting) are in
Blue.  There was strong consensus for the attached changes from those
present.  I'm not planning to release any additional Rev's for review
until the first WG P&P teleconference on 8/18/09.


Here is a summary of key changes:


            Developed a single revision process applicable to the LMSC

                        See Mods in LMSC OM and LMSC P&P

            Moved all rules for TAGs to LMSC P&P

                        LMSC WG P&P will also be applicable to TAGs
except as specified in LMSC P&P

            Clarified in LMSC OM that editorial discretion also applies

            Moved additional WG related text from LMSC OM to LMSC WG P&P

            Reviewed most of the voting rule translations from the LMSC
OM to the LMSC WG P&P

            In LMSC WG P&P

                        Fixed RRoR reference

                        Clarified WG Chair's right to create Ad Hoc and
standing committees

                        Clarified quorum rules

                        Editorial - vestigial '66%' text removed

                        Editorial - Moved some text around for better


Hope everyone got/gets home comfortably and safely!






Matthew Sherman, Ph.D. 
Engineering Fellow 
BAE Systems - Electronics, Intelligence, & Support (EI&S) 
Office: +1 973.633.6344 
Cell: +1 973.229.9520 


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Attachment: 090716 OM_Revision_Response_Form - Creation_of_LMSC_WG_P&P_Ballot.xls
Description: 090716 OM_Revision_Response_Form - Creation_of_LMSC_WG_P&P_Ballot.xls

Attachment: 090718 New_LMSC_WG_PandP_for_ballot.pdf
Description: 090718 New_LMSC_WG_PandP_for_ballot.pdf

Attachment: 090718 Revised_LMSC_OM_for_ballot.pdf
Description: 090718 Revised_LMSC_OM_for_ballot.pdf

Attachment: 090718 Revised_LMSC_PandP_for_ballot.pdf
Description: 090718 Revised_LMSC_PandP_for_ballot.pdf