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[802SEC] Modified 802.22 PAR with 5C and New 802.22.3 PAR with 5C for consideration in the November 2009 802 Plenary in Atlanta

Dear EC members,

In compliance with Clause 11.2 of the LMSC Operations Manual please find included below URLs that link to two PAR and 5C documents prepared by 802.22 working group for consideration by the 802 EC in the November 2009 Plenary.

 1.  Modified IEEE P802.22 PAR and 5C clarifying its scope

* * Summary: Modified IEEE P802.22 PAR and 5C that clarify the scope of IEEE 802.22 project specifying the MAC/PHY air interface of point-to-multipoint wireless regional area networks (WRAN) for fixed and portable user terminals operating in the VHF/UHF TV broadcast band white space.

 2.  IEEE P802.22.3 PAR and 5C for scalable WRAN operations

* * Summary: New PAR with 5C for a new 802.22 project specifying MAC/PHY air interface that enable Scalable 802.22 WRAN operation of fixed and portable devices in VHF/UHF TV broadcast band white space.

Because the submission deadline for the December NesCom meeting (19th October) occurs prior to the date of the November 802 EC meeting, I intend to pre-submit these draft PARs to NesCom with the understanding that

a) Any changes to the draft PAR text resulting from the Plenary will be promptly communicated to the NesCom Administrator, Lisa Yacone. b) Should the EC not approve their submission, they will be removed from the NesCom agenda


Wendong Hu

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