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[802SEC] Buying standards

Dear 802 EC members

I received notice today that 802.15.3c was published (on schedule), so I
went to to attempt to purchase it.

Not only was I able to search for 802.15.3c and find the reference, once
I was had mastered the trick of accepting the T's & C's, I was able to
add it to my cart and proceed (with a webid) to the payment screen.

This is apparently much improved vs. past history (I have not attempted
to purchase a standard recently).

There are two big road blocks:

1) You have to accept the Terms and Conditions before it will let you
add it to your cart.  This is counter intuitive and if I hadn't already
been trained to click on this, I would likely have been stuck.

2) My webid works, but other continue to have problems with it.  I find
it annoying and unnecessary to require creating an account just to buy
something, but some sites do require this (stupid, but true).

These are still important issues, but just being able to find the
standard at on the same day it was published is an

PS: I was also able to find the following recently published standards:

Standard	Pub date
802.1AB		9/17/2009
802.3bc		9/28/2009
802.11w		9/30/2009

BTW: 802.3at, 802.3av and 802.11n are listed on and you
can apparently pre-order the dead tree version versions of them.
Publication is scheduled for the end of this month.

BTW2: The time from approval to publication has been substantially
decreased, 802 sent a total of 7 standards to RevCom in September and
four have been published already with the next three scheduled to be
completed by the end of this month.  Kudos to Don Messina, his staff and
editors for speeding up this part of the process.

James Gilb

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