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[802SEC] Treasurer's report


Recall that I will not be able to be with you at the opening EC due to
some unavoidable work conflicts. I trust you will have good and
productive meetings in my "home" town and I hope you enjoy your stay.

So here goes my "virtual" Treasurer's report for your consideration:

1. I've enclosed the customary Treasurer's opening report which
includes the status/outcome of our July plenary in San Francisco. As
you will note, we ran a deficit of $28,437 which was not quite as bad
as we expected, since attendance was fairly good. We were able to hold
most expenses in line, but bottom line, San Francisco is an expensive
place to hold meetings any more. Note this is only a draft and a few
more items still will accrue to this meeting budget, but it should be
pretty close.

2. Our operating reserve is $1,250,515 once all commitments are
factored in. This is down a bit (makes sense, since we ran a deficit
last time) but within reason. Recall that we will need a buffer going
into the non-North American session in the coming years. So we need to
keep an eye on this.

3. Note that I have *not* included the Atlanta estimate/budget report
as I still need to work with the meeting staff for the latest
estimates. I will provide this by the closing EC on Friday. I am
optimistic that we will be north of break-even for this session, but
as you know, it all depends on attendance levels.

4. I've also enclosed Karen's usual Get802 report. My only thing to
add is that IEEE staff is still evaluating the P&L for the program,
and until we have better information, we will continue with our
current agreement to provide $75/attendee to the Get802 program.

5. Hopefully you received Buzz's email about the proposal to change
our meeting fee structure starting in March. Please spend some time
discussing with the EC and your WGs so we can make a decision on
Friday. I can also get back to you by email during the week if that's
any help (

6. We are interested in securing sponsors for our network bandwidth
provider in future sessions. This could be a corporate sponsorship (in
the form of $$) or an "in-kind" sponsorship (ie. an operator willing
to provide us the service during a given week). In return the sponsor
would be recognized with signage in the various break/registration
areas, on the web, and can provide a small logo-ed give-away if
desired (pens, etc). If you or someone you know is interested, please
see Rick Alfvin about the technical requirements, or me/Buzz about the
sponsorship details.

Again, have a great meeting and I'll see you later in the week,

John Hawkins
Treasurer, IEEE 802

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