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[802SEC] Comments on 802.3bf

Dear David

Here are my comments on the 802.3bf PAR

5.3 - This is dependent on the completion of P802.1AS and it should be
noted as such.


Slide 3: Multiple vendors, multiple users - This question is not
answered in the slide.

Slide 4: I don't think these questions match the OpsManual.  Please
reformat to answer the questions in the OpsMan.

Slide 5: Easy for the document reader to select the relevant
specification - I don't think this question is directly answered.  I am
not sure why we ask this question, but since we do, it should be answered.

Slide 6: "Cite to MT journal article" seems to be a broken link, was
this supposed to be replaced with the actual citation?

Slide 7: My suggestion would be to expand the description of why the
cost is low, e.g., the impact is to add additional logic elements to
record the time packets are received and pass this to the higher layers
or to embed the information in the Ethernet frame.

James Gilb
802 EC Recording Secretary

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